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Hellooow blogger peeps!!,just wanna tell u alls,i have my lovely cute blog(wannabe)!Lets exchange link key!!haha.But 1st, i would like to introduce myself..Im ieka,passion about style,fashion,shopping and all about girls do! Hard to choosed!Love vintage damn much but... i also passion with smart sexy,super clean style and not too much in accesories..

This blog not for talk about them,her,his,her boyfriend or annoying any people's.My blog is about,my freedom,my happiness,my joy,to chase all my dream and most things is my style and my passion about fashion!!im about for being a part of independent fashion bloggers!haha.

Now,im feelin not very well tonight.My nose stuck,itchy and very veryy not comfortablee at all.So,when this situation occured,automatically,i need to rest..So,last world from me by this entry,happy sharing,happy knowing,happy blogging and happy days~

Anyway,im so excited to share with u guys about some latest happening with my style.But,i will post another speech for my next entry!Be my followers and im gonna be urs toO..
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