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Result For Sarah Hata Photoshoot Muslimah Pt.2

excited, surprised, and be proud of when the decision was announced by sarah. first, I got a call from zul and he was veryexcited, in the heart quite know, there's good news. there is alwaysgood news when we crowned the champion! * faints *

headed by zul, each group has three members and two assistants.Our group called "Conspiracy". is a member of our group includes a very helpful assistant

1st Place
Kumpulan :0025
Model :Nabilla Irma Kavoosi
MUA :Ieka Padieka
Photographer :Zul Cavalera

2nd Place
Kumpulan :0008
Model :Deela Auliya
MUA :Shasha Rizal
Photographer :Ayed Papale

3rd Place
Kumpulan :0010
Model :Nadz Cheng Eng
MUA :Anis
Photographer :Mr Sable

2 comments on "Result For Sarah Hata Photoshoot Muslimah Pt.2"
  1. YUNK,, !! Tahniah k.. teruskan usaha tau.. lama x xchat2 gan comel nie.. ..

  2. cik bihah..thx ea.. =)) glad to hear from u..tula..nanti kita chat2 n buzz2 oke..


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