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I skipped almost 2 years just want to wrote this article (konon).
Actually I was not too good and not so great for anybody.But when I tried to be good for Him, I'm sure that He will send someone that see me good in everything and accept me no matter who I am.
And yup! I found. Semua ada hikmah kan??
 But i'm still in learning phase. 
2015 are the huge impact for my live. Lost , Lesson and Learn
Bila ingat 2015 actually aku rasa sebak yang teramat.
Perhaps, this year (in Islam year) I will more strong and success.

fiqah kadir

Times heal all wound. I felt better after the storm of life, more love, more appreciation. No body will know the scar because i always apply shade Medium/Dark of Nars foundation. All you need to do is smile and move on!

Haters gonaa hate! hate! hate! but im gonna shake!shake!shake!

p/s: tak sangka ada orang baca blog aku coz i saw traffic for my blog sepanjang tahun ada org dtg jenguk.Aku acah2 je blog ni.. ^_^

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